25 May 2010


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Client: Footlocker Pastry  & Nitro.

What: Bespoke Composition

How: …things begin get a little more than challenging.

London based agency Nitro, handled the account for the TV and viral campaign for Footlocker & Pastry – a lifestyle brand launched by Rev Run’s daughters Vanessa & Angela and distributed in over 15 countries manufacturing clothing, footwear and accessories for infants upwards.

Broadcast on MTV Europe, and in conjunction with Footlocker, Nitro came to Jimmy Turner to deliver the music brief for something of a tricky demographic.

The nature of the shoot and script led for us to suggest approaching the project with a slightly tongue in cheek feel. The music brief itself was fairly generic – “Think melodrama weepy Sunday afternoon movies. And over this, a cool laid back hip hop / RNB beat”.

Fusing strings and harps with a contemporary urban beat, elements of sound design were added to accentuate the sync points and create a light hearted and accessible composition. After several re-edits to the track modifying the percussion and layering of the string sections, we achieved unanimous agreement from the agency, brand and production company.

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