25 Jul 2010

Corbis Motion & Fort Films

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Who: Corbis Motion & Fort Films

What: Content Management

How: Based in Cape Town, Fort Films has been creating commercials, documentaries, and films for clients around the world.  With 3 years of pre-shot film content under their belt, Fort Films were keen to promote their catalogue to a much larger, global audience.

Fort Films and Jimmy Turner discussed possible outlets that could be used to get the footage to the masses.  The team at Jimmy Turner came up with a solution that would not only promote Fort Films talented directors but also create a new revenue stream.

Knowing a global media partner would be needed we started researching prospects that could fit the bill.  From previous years experience within the stock footage market we approached Corbis Motion after seeing a slight gap in their South African content and decided to put the proposal forward.

After a number of conference calls Corbis Motion was keen to see the footage.  We instructed Fort Films to create a killer show reel and when the film was complete and the link was sent, Corbis replied with a resounding “We’ll take it”.

Negotiating the contractual obligations on behalf of Fort Films, Jimmy Turner secured an exclusive global partnership with Corbis Motion and found a platform to promote Fort Film’s hours of quality footage while creating the much sought after and sometimes elusive revenue stream.

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